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About Us

Kathleen and Robert Dennison create their award winning jewelry by fabricating each piece by hand in their Naples Florida studio. We work to create pieces that are well made, original in design and lacking in commercialism.

"I like to think of myself as a visual narrator who, instead of using words or images, uses metals and gems to create a story....a feeling. Inspired by all that surrounds me; the shapes on a building, the pattern on a road, the delicate surface of a flower, even its sumptuous color. All these can lead me into explorations and experimentation with metals, taking a journey to capture the essence and memory of being in a place or on that road smelling that flower."

“From the very first piece of jewelry I made, I have been enchanted by the fluid nature of precious metals, how I am able to transform silver and gold with hammers, hands and a variety of tools into works of art.”

Kathleen Dennison was born in NYC. Her parents represented artists and musicians in their business and she learned an appreciation of all kinds of art from this early exposure.

Kathleen’s career as an award winning metalsmith began after becoming friends with Ruth S. Roach, one of the shining stars of the American Modern Jewelry movement. Ruth became her teacher and mentor in a special friendship that endured for the last eight years of Ruth’s life. Kathleen met Ruth after she and her husband Robert M. Dennison, relocated their retail shop from Maine to Naples, Fl in the early 1970s, moving next door to Ruth’s art gallery.

Further studies followed with metalsmiths Arline Fisch , Eleanor Moty and Deb Stoner, at Haystack in Maine and Penland in North Carolina.

Kathleen credits two workshops with renowned metal smith, Arline Fisch as career altering. This was where she learned that pleating, sewing and weaving precious metal was possible.

Recent workshops in glass bead making and electroforming with Kate Fowle Meleny, have added yet another new facet to her work. With torch, hammers, pliers, and precious metals Kathleen fabricates each piece of her jewelry by hand in the studio she shares with Robert, who is also a metalsmith.

“I work to create pieces that are well constructed, original in design and lacking in commercialism. I find inspiration from all aspects of my life, from the materials themselves and the physical process of creating each piece. I believe people value the individualism and craftsmanship of handmade art jewelry.”


  • Niche Award Finalist

  • 1000 Glass Beads Published by Lark Books/ 2 pieces

  • Award of Excellence Florida Craftsmen’s CraftArt

  • Best in Show-3D Polk Museum’s Mayfaire Art Show

  • Permanent Collection Florida Craftsmen

  • Honorable Mention International Pearl Design Contest

  • Award of Excellence in Sculpture Founder’s Juried Awards/ Von Liebig Art Center

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